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The Jongleur 5.0

420,00 290,00

The Jongleur 5.0 is the very best of the Fashion Tech, the gem of Urban Circus !

Warm, comfortable, high visibility, reversible, a phone pocket on the left arm and integrated led lights to use as turning signals…

Created to promote the eco-mobility, ideal for cyclists, riders and party enthusiasts!


Currently available for pre-order


The Green Jongleur

180,00 160,00

The Jongleur Vert just arrived !

Created to perk you right up during winter, this fluorescent jacket is unisex and reversible. Providing comfort, warmth and high visibility, the Jongleur Vert is a master piece signed by Urban Circus.

After two years of R&D, we managed to produce a fabric that is elastic, strong, soft and highly visible in the dark. This make the jacket warmer, more comfortable and nicer to touch. Our new jacket fits nicely to your figure.

Whether you’re cyclist, skater or urban surfer, our jacket is the ideal way to be fun, feel comfortable and ride safe !

When you’re on a more serious note, just turn your jacket around to the black side with the snap of your finger.

The Banana


With the Banana jacket, both reversible and double-layered, all of your walks and bike rides will be more fruity.
The fluorescent banana pattern above the high visibility fabric (covering the upper half of the jacket) is the best way to ensure you’ll be seen both day and night.
The light and breathable fabric will keep you from being too hot during your activities and will protect you from the rain thanks to its waterproof feature.
It’s also the ideal item for all party enthusiasts!
Once you’re done, you can let go of your fruity side with the snap of your fingers and wear the jacket on the black side, for the serious one in you.
Banana is the new black!

The Jongleur


With the Jongleur Orange, you will never lack pizazz.
Be seen on the road 100% of the time with a style equally fun and original that will be a token of your authenticity. The ugly yellow safety vest devotees will simply be no match for you!
Waterproof and windbreaker, you’ll stay warm during your rides with this padded jacket that will guarantee your comfort and safety both at parties and during your rides.
When you’re in a more serious mood, simply turn your jacket around to the dark side with the snap of your fingers.

The Naturiste


Fluorescent, reflective and reversible, the Naturist is made to adapt to any environment.

Make your way into the urban jungle with these tropical patterns and ride by day and night in complete safety. When you’re done being the king of the jungle, simply turn your jacket inside out and blend in with the crowd.

The light and breathable fabric will keep you at a cool temperature in all circumstances and will protect you from the rain thanks to its waterproof feature.

Make your way through the urban jungle with the Naturist. Do not wait any longer to wake your wild side up !

The Cascadeuse


Amaze everyone with the Cascadeuse and draw attention thanks to your fluorescent pink jacket, perfect for nights out whether walking or biking.

When you’re done being a diva, simply turn it around with the snap of your fingers and you’ll have a night blue jacket, discreet and elegant.

Provoke all looks with your Cascadeuse, now in limited edition.